Saturday, November 29, 2008

Twelve 1950's tracks from "Mama Maybelle and her little daughters", Helen, June and Anita. They are drawn from early television broadcasts of the "Stars of the Grand Ole Opry" series produced by Al Gannaway. During the late forties to mid fifties, Maybelle and her daughters were an act that found some success on radio, but never recorded to the best of their abilities. Despite the less than hi-fi nature of these recordings, they present what is probably the only collection, on CD or blog download showcasing this particularly varied and vivacious era of Carters in the country music industry.
This post is worthwhile if only for the chance to hear the voice of Anita, the treasure of the second generation Carters. Many of these are timepieces, "Don Juan" is very fifties, and Anita is at the peak of her vocal prowess. She is stunning on "The Parting Of The Way" as well. The girls do a great job on Marvin Rainwater's "I Gotta Go Get My Baby". Maybelle, who sings so much of the seminal catalog of Country music it's first time on records, sings "Humming Bird" to the same high standard as the afore-mentioned performances. A young Chet Atkins on guitar can be heard throughout.
All of this group has now passed on, in fact, none of the second generation Carters survive. The Maybelle, Helen, June and Anita of this era never made an album as such, so it is hoped that this folder of performances from their heyday will serve to initiate many who were not around the first time to enjoy the delights of "Mama Maybelle's little daughters", the Carter Sisters.


1. It's My Lazy Day
2. Love, Love, Love
3. Don Juan
4. Hearts Of Stone
5. Music, Music, Music
6. The Parting Of The Way
7. No More
8. I Gotta Go Get My Baby
9. I'm All Right Now
10. That Ain't The Way I Heard It
11. Sweet Talking Man
12. Humming Bird

*download here*


Howdy said...

Very Nice post of their more obscure work! Thanks Lefty!

Unknown said...

Didn't know you had this , too bad I sold the Arhoolie border series cds .

Zoomer Roberts said...

Thanks for posting this. I bought an 8-track tape of this material at Walgreen's years ago, transferred it to cassette, dubbed that to a second cassette, and...well, you get the idea. This is a major upgrade!

Anonymous said...

this video relates to this post:

can't believe how june is fucking with anita while she's singing! funny.

tgeraghty said...

you the man, lefty. Thanks for the tracks!

Chris Mansel said...

Could you please repost this one?