Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A wonderful collection from County's old 500 series of reissue LPs. Consisting of A.P. Thompson on guitar, Bob Cranford on harmonica, Paul Miles on banjo and Guy Brooks on fiddle, the "Red Fox Chasers" recorded between 1928 and 1931. In addition to the twelve tracks from the original LP, I have included "Wreck On The Mountain Road" from another early County anthology.

Includes jacket scans with detailed notes by Richard Nevins.


1. Pretty Polly
2. Mississippi Sawyer
3. Stolen Love
4. Naomi Wise
5. The Blind Man & His Child
6. Katy Cline
7. Goodbye Little Bonnie
8. Little Darling Pal Of Mine
9. Did You Ever See The Devil, Uncle Joe
10. Devilish Mary
11. Honeysuckle Time
12. Sweet Fern
13. Wreck On The Mountain Road

*download here*


Anonymous said...

Great stuff!! Keep up the good work Lefty!

the doc said...

I love these old County recordings. I had lots of them before I got fed up with moving my lps and sold them. Also enjoying the Starday stuff. Great site!!

the doc