Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Doctor" Lew Childre (1901-1961) was a legendary radio singer, slide guitarist, personality and pitchman from the golden era of southern broadcasting. He was on countless stations, but spent his later years in Nashville associated with the Grand Ole Opry. He may be seen in action on several of Al Gannaway's 1950's "Star of Grand Ole Opry" shows, in full colour, no less.
This download contains two folders, one containing Lew's 1962 Starday album recorded with assistance from Cowboy Copas, Josh Graves and Junior Huskey (!). As a bonus, this folder also contains his 1951 Mercury recording of "Riding The Elevated Railroad".
The second folder contains a 1981 LP of radio transcriptions from 1946, just Dr. Lew by himself, though he's never stuck for words. It's a really wonderful document of a bygone era of American radio. Both albums are continuous programs, so I have included each of them as single uninterrupted mp3s.

Includes jacket scans for both albums front and back

Program on the mp3s:

OLD TIME GET-TOGETHER - Alabamy Bound, This Train, Everybody's Fishin', Strawberry Roan, Sister Lucy Lee, Alabama Home, Wreck Of The Old 97, Hog Callin' Blues, Rock My Little Baby To Sleep, Lew's Theme, Southern Hospitality, George Colum, The Front Door Key, Blue Ridge Mountain Blues, Little Joe The Wrangler, Moonshine Blues, Mountain Feudin' (The Martins And The Coys), My Dream Of The U.S.A., BONUS: Riding The Elevated Railroad

ON THE AIR 1946 - Alabamy Bound (Theme)/Elevated Railroad, I'm Heading for the Blue Horizon, Big Eyed Rabbit, Maple on the Hill, When the Fog Forms on the Rio Grande, Everybody's Fishing, Rock All Our Babies to Sleep, When the Sweet Azelias Are Blooming, Hang Out the Front Door Key, Don't Say Aloha When I Go, Alabamy Bound (Theme)/Are You From Dixie, When You Said Yes; Yesterday, Horsie Keep Your Tail Up, Silver Dollar, This Train, Little Old Church In the Valley, It Don't Do Nothing But Rain, My Red Haired Lady, Moonshine Blues, How I Miss You Tonight/Alabamy Bound (Theme)

*download here*


brokedownengine said...

Every single post is blowing me away. Thanks for all this fine music.

Unknown said...

Weird Mike , I can't get media fire to work for this the download link doen't come up

Unknown said...

got it to work

Rockin' Ed said...

This is great along with the other Childre album on Starday

MisterHuskey said...

Thanks for posting Lefty! My grandfather is the bass player on this! I collect recordings he was a part of!! :-)

Duke said...


Is s link that will work for this wonderful album!

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