Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Here's my very first post, a great 1962 Starday LP, "Tennessee Guitar". They're all well known names except for the obscure Eddie Eddings, who contributes what is in my opinion the standout track, "Country Boogie". Eddings apparently played with the late Sonny Fisher and had a vocal 45 on Starday as well. Another noteworthy track here is the Thumbs Carllile (here spelled Carlisle) classic "Springfield Guitar Social" in which a roomful of anthropomorphic guitars are arguing about who has the nicest guitar style. If you've never witnessed Thumbs Carllile in action, I strongly recommend making your way over to youtube and checking it out, it must be seen to be believed...

click here to see Thumbs Carllile on youtube


1. Billy Byrd & Jimmy Capps - Bee Byrd Bounce
2. Jimmy Capps - The Natchez Trace
3. Hardrock Gunter - Blue Guitar
4. Eddie Eddings - Country Boogie
5. Billy Byrd - Gibson Girl
6. Hardrock Gunter - Memphis
7. Thumbs Carlisle - Springfield Guitar Social
8. Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith - Sugarfoot
9. Jimmy Capps - Nashville Shuffle
10. Hardrock Gunter - Raggin' The Guitar
11. Jimmy Capps - Chattanoogie Boogie
12. Billy Byrd - Teen Age Blues
13. Tommy Hill - Skip Along
14. Hardrock Gunter - After Hours Guitar

*download here*


coldwater said...

thanks for the uploads of these rare tracks and good luck with your blog it looks like it will be a winner

the doc said...

glad you are here now!! Great looking stuff! Thanks.

the doc

brujo said...

Thanks for this one Lefty I particularly like Thumbs Carlisle what a unique stylist his material is hard to find would like to find out more about him,who his influences were etc. This is a great blog thank you again for taking the time to share your collection .regards brujo

Eddie Eddings said...

Thanks for posting the album cover!
That's one I wasn't familar with.
My dad (Eddie Eddings) as passed away and I wonder if HE even knew this album existed.

david said...

Thanks a million for making this great LP available. I had the original record, but somehow lost it. Although I haven't heard it for over 30 years, I can still sing the tracks note for note.

jose arboleda said...

Thank you the link is death, Jose from Colombia/

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