RUSTY & DOUG KERSHAW Hickory Recordings

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A collection of 12 original Hickory recordings by Rusty & Doug Kershaw from Tiel Ridge, Cameron Parish in Louisiana. Recorded 1956-1962, they span the genres of honky tonk, rockabilly and cajun music. Doug Kershaw later rose to prominence via his guest appearances on the "Johnny Cash Show".

Here are links to some other great Rusty Doug Kershaw albums over at Uncle Gil's:


Rusty, Doug & Wiley


1. Louisiana Man
2. Kaw Liga
3. Diggy Liggy Lo
4. (Our Own) Jole Blon
5. Cajun Joe (The Bully Of The Bayou)
6. The Love I Want
7. Oh Love
8. Why Don't You Love Me
9. Hey Mae
10. Your Crazy, Crazy Heart
11. Sweet Thing (Tell Me That You Love Me)
12. I Like You Like This

*download here*


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