Saturday, November 15, 2008

A 1987 collection of live radio by the legendary Louvin Brothers.

"To us, joining the Opry was the ultimate thing. When we got to Nashville, we went to see Jack Stapp at WSM. He was WSM Program Director and top banana of the Opry's NBC network Prince Albert Show. Ken Nelson, our producer at Capitol Records, had just bluffed Stapp into hiring us as regulars. Ken told him, 'now, if you don't want 'em, the Ozark Jubilee does.' We had auditioned, I guess, two dozen times for Jim Denny, who was head of WSM's booking office, but we had never done a guest shot. The first time we sang on the Opry we were members of it. That was February 26, 1955.
"After we met Mr. Stapp, he took us back to see Denny. We must've sat in Denny's office for fifteen minutes, just being totally ignored. He was busy making phone calls, going through the Opry roster. Finally, Ira stood up and said, "Well, Mr. Denny, we'll see you tonight." Denny looked up and said, "Boys, you're in tall timber.' Ira said, "We got the saws; you just show us where the woods are."
"That night, I was scared to death. There's just something about the Opry stage that's different from any other stage you'll ever be on. But we did what Ira said we'd do. The fans accepted us, and for the next few years we were really heavy. Naturally, the Opry boosted our career quite a bit. It was a great kicking-off place for our records and a great place to plug our road shows. That was our absolute heyday - no doubt about it."


1. The Gospel Way
2. They've Got The Church Outnumbered
3. God Bless Her (Cause She Is My Mother)
4. If We Forget God
5. Just Rehearsing
6. That's All He's Asking Of Me
7. Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself
8. You'll Forget
9. Childish Love
10. When I Stop Dreaming
11. I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby
12. Hoping That You're Hoping
13. You're Running Wild
14. I Wish You Knew

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Howdy said...

Outstanding !! Many Thanks!!

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Thanks for the good words, Red!

i said...

After reading Charlie's autobiography, I am tracking down all the old Louvins I can find! Thanks for this.