MOLLY O'DAY Legend of Country Music

Thursday, November 27, 2008

While going through cassettes looking for Uncle Am Stuart I ran across some tapes I bought years ago of old Starday albums reissued on the Hollywood label.This is one of them, "The Living Legend of Country Music" by "the female Roy Acuff", Molly O'Day. First released on LP as SLP-367 in 1966, it offers twelve gospel songs played by O'Day and her husband, Lynn Davis.
Along with Davis, Molly was a great hillbilly star in the years immediately following the second world war. Despite success, in the early '50's O'Day and Davis abandoned a thriving career in secular music when they converted to Christianity. They fulfilled their contract to Columbia records by recording only sacred material and upon fulfillment of their recording and performing obligations refused to play for several years. By the time of this album, they had worked music into their missionary efforts and were again performing on local radio.
It was Molly O'Day, indeed, who in the early '60's convinced a skeptical Wade Mainer that singing and playing the banjo could be constructive if used in doing the Lord's work. Molly O'Day passed away in 1987.

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1. I'm Going Home On The Morning Train
2. I'll Face Nobody's Record But Mine
3. I'm Going To Walk Right In
4. Coming Down From God
5. When My Time Comes To Go
6. King Jesus Will Roll All Burdens Away
7. I'd Like To Talk It Over With Him
8. Traveling The Highway Home
9. I Have But One Goal
10. Living The Right Life Now
11. He Has Called Me By My Name
12. When The Angels Rolled The Stone Away

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Unknown said...

Remember all the square dance albums I gave you way back when , let's see some of those surface

RiCK SAUNDERS said... I have wanted some Molly O'Day since I found "Livin' the right life now" on a compilation record ten years ago. I've never been able to find a cd with that song on it. THANK YOU!