CARSON ROBISON 1930's Radio Broadcasts

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This is a fantastic LP from 1978 on the Glendale label. It features 1930's radio recordings by Carson Robison and his Pioneers, consisting of Robison and John, Bill and Pearl Mitchell. This is great vaudeville hillbilly, and while it's not the authentic mountain stuff (Carson was Vernon Dalhart's old partner) it is exceedingly entertaining. The songs, playing and vocal arrangements are top notch and much of this material is ripe for revivalists. Because the record plays continuously as one show, I have transfered this as one mp3 rather than chopping it up.

Includes jacket scans.

Click here for a great page about Carson Robison

Program on the mp3:

1. Opening Theme
2. The West Ain't What It Used To Be
3. Aura Lee
4. Rovin' Gambler
5. Sittin' By The Fire
6. Cowboy Romeo
7. Birmingham Jail
8. Return Of Barnacle Bill
9. Lonesome Road
10. Prune Song
11. Happy-Go-Lucky Me
12. Wait For The Wagon
13. I Left My Gal In The Mountains
14. There's A Bridle Hanging On The Wall
15. Hear Dem Bells
16. Carry Me Back To The Lone Prairie
17. I Left Her Standin' There With A Do-Dad In Her Hair
18. Careless Love
19. Whistling Solo
20. Home On The Range
21. Closing Theme/Red Wing

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