Saturday, November 29, 2008

A wonderful, edgy Starday album by some old-timers of the traditional country genre, recorded in the early '60's. Curly Fox and Texas Ruby first appeared on the Grand Ole Opry in the late '40's, and went on to numerous other locales before returning to the Opry. They recorded this album for Starday in early 1963, Ruby passing away in March of that year.
Here Starday features much of Fox's way with a microphone (he snorts a lot, is he on coke?) while four tracks feature Ruby. Although that's not enough, she proves she's still a master of country ballads at the end of her life, as "Shanty Street", "Big Silver Tears" and the yet-more-poignant "Love Me Now" prove. As an added bonus, I have included Curly's late 1940's King recording of "Come Here Son".

Includes jacket scans thanks to Lefty's pal, Andyrama.


1. Curly Fox-The Old Grey Mule
2. Texas Ruby-Shanty Street
3. Curly Fox-Fire On The Mountain (Black Mountain Rag)
4. Curly Fox-Chasin' The Fox
5. Texas Ruby-Love Me Now
6. Curly Fox-The Mockingbird Reel
7. Curly Fox-Wink Your Little Eye
8. Curly Fox-The Model T And The Train Race
9. Texas Ruby-Big Silver Tears
10. Curly Fox-Whistlewood
11. Curly Fox & Texas Ruby-The Front Door Key
12. Curly Fox-The Twilight Waltz
13. Curly Fox-I Don't Love Nobody
14. Curly Fox-Curly's Talkin' Blues
15-Curly Fox-Come Here Son (Fire On The Mountain)

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MUseless said...

Not only for this post, but representative for all others I wanna send you a BIG BIG BIG(!!!) Thanks for all your great posts. I like your work and I like that you include scans where possible.
Great, I can't await the next posts.
Mitch from Germany

Unknown said...

ordered a re-issue of this vinyl album off of Ebay. Love the classic country stuff. Texas Ruby perished in a trailer fire, falling asleep while smoking. Curly was performing at the Opry while his Ruby perished. Ruby died in March 1963, but you hardly get her ranked along the other artists who died that month, Patsy Cline, Hawkshaw Hawkins, Cowboy Copas & Jack Anglin...