Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Welcome to Lonesome Lefty's Scratchy Attic. I have decided to start my own blog to share the fruits of a lifetime accumulation of great music. I was inspired to do so after seeing great blogs like "Western Swing On 78" and "Uncle Gil's". I feel this is the best way to share our great collections and promote the music we love to the public at large.
Posts will occur when I am able, and probably with no particular pattern or order. My preference for vintage country music will no doubt be evident, although I will post anything I feel is worthy, and my choices may be somewhat eclectic at times. I will really try to feature material that is not readily available elsewhere, either on CD or as downloads.
I have spent a number of years refining my ability to make the cleanest possible digital transfers of the recordings in my collection. It is with some pride that I say I am capable of transferring nearly every format ever used, from 16" radio transcription disks to 8-track tapes. I've heard the digital restoration process described as a "black art" and I do feel as a musician myself that a discerning ear must be used to achieve the best possible result. Often, too much tinkering or alteration is far worse than none at all.
As "Lonesome Lefty", I am a roots artist from Southwestern Ontario and many of the recordings I have amassed were collected in the search for great vintage material to perform. I used to pass out cassette compilations of material from my collection at gigs. As I don't really get much chance to perform anymore, I am looking forward to sharing my collection here, and hopefully meeting some more great folks along the way. Now on to the music...................

Lonesome Lefty


1verycoolguy said...

Hello buddy,
Just want to say good luck with your site. Seems like a lot of them is getting closed down for some reason. I hope you make it and make it big. Your pal, Bill

Howdy said...

Welcome Lefty! Look forward to seeing your blog prosper! Will put a link to your blog on the round up!



Uncle Gil said...

Welcome to the club! Interesting beginning!
Oh, and I am sorry to have given you the "blog fever"! :))

Admin said...

great red hot blog, lefty! woooooo, shake it!

TheHagMan said...

Great Blog, and a really nice selection of material. I just wish my weekends were longer!! There are so many titles here I have seen but could never afford to buy - so I really appreciate you sharing! Thanks Lefty

shaundavid said...

this is great! i think i downloaded all the albums. i will follow this thread.


Blueshound said...

Dear LL,
Finding your blog Was like striking Gold, only with many diamonds thrown in as well. I trully am thankful for the time and work you've put in to bring us all these Gems.
All the very best to you,

Exeter said...

Thanks for a lot of hard work in sharing all these fine recordings!

Unknown said...

Thank you very much, Lefty, for all the gems you ' ve dug out for us !
With a big Hug from a belgian !


majorcurry said...

hey Lonesome. looks like you are taking some time off, but the time you have already put in is a special gift of the ability to hear these often forgotten gems. just went through half of your stuff and a good 80% seems like it is still up.

peace to all Canada from California

Unknown said...

Took time to browse thru both your blog post of collectibles. VERY enjoyable, and memory evoking. Much thanks. Ray

367 loser said...

many many thanks !!

Duke said...


Can you please add this to one of your groups I can not find the updated recordings anywhere!

Duke said...
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Unknown said...

Hello: Will "Don't Fence Me In"
be back on the " Lonessome Lefty's
Scratcky Attic" ?

Thanks, LR