Monday, November 17, 2008

Cliff and Bill Carlisle are featured in this post, which contains 90 tracks in three separate folders. This comprises pretty much my entire collection of Carlisle recordings, culled from two Cliff LPs on the Old Timey label, an early King LP, assorted LP anthologies and some of Bill's recordings I was fortunate enough to download sometime back. Please forgive the varied bitrates of the files, they were transfered at different times and gathered from different souces and I really don't like to resample. Anyway, this is wonderful stuff, early hillbilly blues doesn't get any better. Enjoy!

Click here for a biography of Bill Carlisle

Click here for a biography of Cliff Carlisle


BILL CARLISLE: A Dollar's All I Crave, A Mouse Been Messin Around, Baby You Done Flubbed Your Dub With Me, Bell Clappin' Mama, Big At the Little Bottom At the Top, Blue Arizona Moon, Blue Eyes, Ditty Wah Ditty, Don't Be Ashamed Of Mother, Don't Let Me Worry Your Little Mind, Don't Tell Me Your Worries, Dreamy Eyes, Feet Don't Fail Me, Flag That Train, Go On And Leave Me If You Wish To, Gonna Raise A Ruckus Tonight, House Cat Mama, I Believe I'm Entitled To You, I Done It Wrong, I Never See My Baby Alone, I Saw My Future In A Rainbow, I'm Cryin' Tonight Over You, I'm Wearing The Britches Now, Jumpin' And Jerkin' Blues, My Little Sadie, Rattlin' Daddy (1st version), Rattlin' Daddy (2nd version), Rockin' Chair Money, Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down, She Won't Be My Baby No More, Shine Your Light To Others, Sparkling Blue Eyes (Decca), Sparkling Blue Eyes (King), Ten Or Twelve Times Maybe More, That Guy's Out Gunnin' For You, Three Women To Every Man, Wabash Cannonball, What Does It Matter To You, When Snowflakes Fall, You Wouldn't Understand, You're Just Like A Dollar Bill
CARLISLE BROTHERS: Beneath The Old Pine Tree, Dollar Bill Mama Blues (Part 1), Dollar Bill Mama Blues (Part 2), Empty Arms, I Hope You See The Same Star That I Do, I'm Sorry Now, Lost On A Sea Of Sorrow, Love In The First Degree, Maggie Get The Hammer, Old Joe Clark, Rainbow At Midnight, Rainbow Follows Rain, Skip To My Lou, Sugar Cane Mama, The Girl In The Blue Velvet Band, Tramp On The Street, Wedding Bells, Wheels Of Destiny, Where There's A Will There's A Way
CLIFF CARLISLE: A Wild Cat Woman & A Tom Cat Man, Black Jack David, Cowboy Johnny's Last Ride, Gambling Dan, Get Her By The Tail, Goodbye Old Pal, Handsome Blues, Hobo Blues, I'm Saving Saturday Night For You, It Ain't No Fault Of Mine, Mouse's Ear Blues, My Traveling Night, Nevada Johnny, Onion Eating Mama (as Bob Clifford), Payday Fight, Rooster Blues, Shanghai Rooster Yodle #2, Shot The Innocent Man, That Great Judgement Day, That Nasty Swing, The Hobo's Fate, The Rambling Yodler, Tom Cat Blues, Trouble Minded Blues, Two Little Sweethearts, Uncloudy Day, Waiting For A Ride, When The Evening Sun Goes Down, Wigglin' Mama, You'll Miss Me

*download folder #1 here*

*download folder #2 here*

*download folder #3 here*


Mellow said...

I love the Cliff Carlisle! Very cool music. Keep up the good work,

Lonesome Lefty said...

Thanks, Mellow, for the kind words!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much! My grandpa had the 78RPM of "Wabash Cannonball" and this was always my favorite version! It has always seemed impossible to find. You made someone's year...

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