TEXAS RUBY 24 Original Recordings

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Texas Ruby Owens was one of the great female vocalists of early country music. The sister of "Tex" Owens, the composer of "Cattle Call", deep-voiced Ruby was called "the Sophie Tucker of the Cowgirl Singers" when she first appeared on radio.
Though she hit her stride before the LP came on the scene, her sudden death in 1963 prompted two tribute LPs, one on the King label, the other on Columbia's Harmony imprint.
In March of 1963, her husband Curly Fox went to the Opry to play his fiddle for the Opry's union guarantee. While he was gone, Ruby passed out with a cigarette and set their mobile home on fire. Ruby did not survive the blaze.
This post includes the complete contents of both the King and Harmony LPs, plus one bonus song from both the King and Columbia labels. I have included jacket scans for both, King honcho Syd Nathan's notes on the King LP seem movingly sincere. Hope you enjoy!


1. It's Over Forever
2. Teardrops And Empty Arms
3. It's Your Time To Be Blue
4. The Code Of The Mountains
5. It's Raining Teardrops In My Heart
6. The Wreck Of The 1256
7. Falling Leaf
8. Those Dreams Are Gone
9. Soldiers Return
10. You Don't Love Me(But I'll Always Care)
11. If You Don't Want Me Then Set Me Free
12. You've Been Cheating On Me
13. You'll Remember And Be Blue
14. Ain't You Sorry That You Lied
15. Nobody Else But You
16. I'll Take Back All I've Said About You
17. Would It Make Any Difference To You
18. Have You Got Someone Else On The String
19. Travellin' Blues
20. Even Though I'll Shed A Million Tears
21. The Letter That Broke My Heart
22. We Live In Two Different Worlds
23. With Tears In My Eyes
24. Don't Let That Man Get You Down

*download here*


brujo said...

Hi Lefty here is one you may not have it's from my hometown in Melbourne ,Victoria Australia (the Trailblazers) it is in two files one with the music the other with all the notes etc .
enjoy brujo

Unknown said...

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Duke said...

Please do a repost on the Texas Ruby Albums they were deleted!
Thank you

Unknown said...

Recently discovered the colorful and wonderfully talented Miss Texas Ruby! As of this writing I have three of her Lp's. I have the King Lp, plus a re-issue of their final Starday Lp plus a Cowgirl/Cowboy german Lp. Ruby & Curly's life would make a good movie! I have read Ruby loved to smoke, drink and would cuss you out if you crossed her! Sounds like a fun gal! Really enjoy your blog!!!!