MERLE TRAVIS Live TV & Interview

Monday, November 17, 2008

If anyone knows the exact source of these recordings please let me know. I seem to recall they are TV soundtracks from the '60's but I am unsure of what show they might come from.
The bit where Merle and Jimmy Wakely dramatically but sincerely spin Merle's life story is priceless. These turned up on an obscure 1980's budget cassette with no real info to speak of. A good example of why no junk store should go unscavenged.


1. Texas Tornado
2. Guitar Rag
3. Interview and Sixteen Tons

*download here*


brujo said...

Thanks for this any new addition of Travis material is welcome ,I have yet to see the definitive discography of his material I remember a fellow enthusiast and friend in the late 60's mentioning a wild life documentary he had recently seen on television which had Merle travis doing the soundtrack . Thanks also for the Carlisle brothers and Callahan brothers .brujo

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