WADE MAINER Soulful Sacred Songs

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Two gospel albums here from the mighty Mr. Wade Mainer, who turned 101 years old on April 21, 2008. Wade and his late brother J.E. are among the very originators of the country music industry, and much has been written and documented about them.
I've always had particular fondness for Mr. Mainer's music, and in 2004 I had the great pleasure of attending his 97th birthday concert in Fenton, Michigan. There were lots of great bands and musicians playing, but I was floored when Wade and his wife Julia played beautifully for just over an hour!
The first album featured here is "Soulful Sacred Songs", a 1962 King LP comprised of 16 tracks. This is prime stuff, with Julia being featured solo on some numbers such as the incredible "Streamlined Religion". I have added a bonus track to this folder, "He's Passing This Way", another of Mainer's King recordings featured on a 1970's Gusto compilation.
The second LP, "Rock Of My Soul" was first issued in 1972 on the Irma label and was later reissued on Old Homestead. It seems not to have been recorded at one time, as there is noticeable variation in the sound quality between tracks, but it is very enjoyable nonetheless. The track listings on the LP jacket and record label are not consistent with the program on the actual record, the tracks in the folder here are the titles and sequence from the disk itself. Julia is featured solo on a song here as well, "I'll Live Again".



1. Mother's Prayers Have Followed Me
2. Don't Write To Mother Too Late
3. The Hill Lone And Gray
4. No Place To Lay Your Head
5. I'm Glad I'm On The Inside Looking Out
6. He Signed My Pardon
7. That Star Belongs To Me
8. Home In The Rock
9. Dust On The Bible
10. The New Bright World
11. My Soldier Boy
12. Standing Outside
13. Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
14. The Little Brown Church
15. Building On That Rock
16. Streamlined Religion
17. He's Passing This Way


1. Home In The Rock
2. Diamonds In The Rough
3. Hide Me Rock Of Ages
4. Great Caravan
5. Walking The Sea
6. Scarlet Purple Robe
7. Gate Is Straight
8. Keep Walking
9. My Home Sweet Home
10. Mainer's Melody (Inst.)
11. When I Reach Home
12. Home In The Solid Rock
13. I'll Live Again
14. I Love God's Way Of Living, He Set Me Free

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Morris said...

It is good to see another Wade Mainer fan. Unfortunately, he is one of those names in the annals of country music that does not get mentioned nearly as much as his music warrants.

My family has been close friends with the Mainers for many many years. In fact, I credit my Dad with "rediscovering" him in the early 70's. I am sure he had a hand in planning the b-day pary you attended. I think it is an annual occurrence now. I would love to attend but I do not live in Michigan anymore.

Some of my fondest memories are when Wade and Julia would come to the house to either visit or record.

Anyway, I enjoy your site very much and would love to help contribute something if you accept contributions.

Thanks again for helping to keep Wade's music alive.